How to update the status of a request

Why is this important?
Updating the status of feature requests keeps your end users and team members informed of any changes, and makes sure everyone knows what is planned for the future.

Updating the status of a request is extremely simple and only takes a minute of your time.

Start by heading to the 'browse' page using the top menu so you can see a list of your feature requests.


Navigate to the request you'd like to update and click on it to be taken through to the page for that particular request.

In the top-right corner, you will see a section named "Actions", and a button which gives the current status of the feature request, followed by a downwards arrow.

Click on this button and you'll see a list of possible status updates.


Select the update relevant to your needs.

You will be shown a pop-up form where you can fill in a custom response. This is the message that will be sent out to the end users and team members who have subscribed to the feature.

The "Saved response" box allows you to select a response which you have previously saved. You can save a response by entering your message in the "Customize response" box and checking the box marked "Save response for future use".


Once you have decided on your response, click the button in the bottom-left of the form (the name of this button will change depending on the status update) and the request will be successfully updated.

To make sure the update has taken place, you can now see the new status of the feature request on the "Status" section of that request's page.


To update the status of a feature once more, for example, from "Planned" to "Released", simply repeat the process. 

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