Zendesk integration overview

Receptive takes all the hard work out of managing feature requests and ideas through our two-way integration with Zendesk.

Your support team will be able to close feature request tickets in seconds, saving valuable time, and impressing your customers.


By using Receptive, your support team can:

  • Instantly and effortlessly create a new feature request directly from within the Zendesk ticket.
  • Automatically send the customer a link to their feature request.
  • Keep customers constantly in the loop with their feature request, without any work on your side.

Rather than having your support team manually inputting and tracking your many feature requests, they can use Receptive to automate the whole process.


Not only does this free up your support team to provide better support for your customers, but it also shows the customers that you truly appreciate their ideas, and strengthen your company’s relationship with them.


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