Why aren't my requests in the SmartList?

The Customer SmartList only contains feature requests from paying, non-churned customers. Internal requests from your team members won’t appear here.

To see feedback from your internal teams, click on the "Internal SmartList" prepared report or filter by the user filter "Internal Users".

Then you can filter down further by team, tag, etc. 

Tips for using the SmartList reports

When looking at your reports in Receptive, it’s best to have a goal in mind to help you narrow your focus to the relevant data.

You can use the filters to segment your data, applying multiple filters to delve down into specific areas of your reports.

For example, if your goal was to increase sales to enterprise customers in Germany, you could apply a filter to narrow down to high-value customers, and then add another filter to narrow down to prospects in Germany.

You can then view the relevant data.

NOTE: To ensure your data is ready for analysis, ensure you have auto-tagging set up using this guide here.

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