What does the Receptive integration process involve?

Q: We're very tight on development time and we know that implementation projects always take longer than expected. What does your integration process actually involve?


A: The Receptive javascript integration only takes about 20 minutes to set up. Check out this case study if you don't believe us!

If you're using multi-modules it will take a bit more configuration to give your customers the correct access to the correct modules, but not much. And you can also set up auto tagging, but most of our customers wait until they know what kind of data they want in Receptive before setting that up. 

To set up the basic integration, you simply paste a Javascript widget into your web application, and then create a snippet of data that the widget will send over to Receptive’s servers.

After this widget is installed, your customer data will be populated in Receptive, and if you choose to expose a link, your customers will be able to access Receptive, create feature requests, and view your roadmap.

You don’t have to worry about creating and storing login details for your customers as the widget automatically handles that for you.

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