JIRA integration overview

A lot of organizations use JIRA to manage their software development. Fortunately for those companies, Receptive users can integrate JIRA to improve efficiency between product and development teams.

Using Receptive and JIRA together also allows you to effectively close the feedback loop for customers and internal users of your product.

Our JIRA add-on allows you to:

  • Automatically create issues in JIRA if a feature request within Receptive reaches a certain stage.
  • Easily update your Receptive release log with features that are completed in JIRA.
  • Keep customers and internal team members up to date with any new features that you have released.

Rather than product teams having to spend time keeping the development teams up to date, your company can use Receptive to speed up the process.

This ensures everyone in your organization is on the same page when it comes to your product management and development. Furthermore, your customers’ feedback will have a visible impact on your product, improving your relationship with them.

You can learn more about how JIRA works with Receptive here.


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