Multi-product management with Receptive

Why is this important?
Multi-product is perfect for software businesses with several distinct products or modules. Rather than seeing the data for all of their company’s product offerings, product managers can focus on the product they’re working on.

You can be more productive, more efficient, and it makes your life a whole lot easier. What’s not to love?

Receptive’s multi-product feature allows you to add a number of different products to your dashboard. Requests can then be assigned to a particular product.

It is then possible to filter your dashboard and results by product, enabling you to focus on that one particular product.

Your customers will be able to request a feature specifically for a certain product when they fill in the feedback form.

To find out if you need multi-product, go here: Do I need multi-product?

Learn how to setup multi-product here: Setting up Multi-product

Using your product filters >>

Using product filters for 'browse' and 'reports' >>

Assigning your end users to specific products >>

When an end user suggests a feature >>

When a team member suggests a feature >>


Using your product filters

After setting up product filters, if you head back to your dashboard you’ll see a new addition. There will be a blue bar along the top, underneath the main menu.

This shows the product filters currently in use. By default, no filters will be applied, so your dashboard will be showing data for all of your products.

To filter a certain product, go to the blue filters bar and click on the “Filter Products” drop-down menu.

You will see a list of the products you have added to Receptive. Currently, all of the products will be selected. You can unselect products to remove them from the filters you are using.


The filters you add here are global filters, which will stay in place whilst you use Receptive, including on the main dashboard view, browse view, reports view, and releases view.

It is also possible to enable multiple global filters if, for example, you wanted to see two out of three products at the same time.

Using product filters for ‘browse’ and ‘reports

On the "Browse" and "Reports" pages, even if you have global filters enabled, you’re able to tweak the filters using the product tags.

These tags appear amongst the other tags on the left-hand side of your reports view, or at the top of your browse view.


You can select or deselect these product tags to add or remove filters on these views

NOTE: The product tags do not affect the global filters you have set. They simply offer a more accessible way of changing filters whilst browsing reports.

Assigning your end users to specific products

Your current end users (and any that you manually invite through your UI) will automatically be assigned to your initial product.

What this means is that your end user will only be able to view the feature requests associated with that particular product.

If you want to change the products associated with an end user, you can head over to the top-right menu and select “Customers”.

Then select the relevant account.

On the left-hand side, you will see a section called “Users”. Select the end user you want to assign to a product.

On their end user profile, there is a section on the left called “Allowed products”. This shows all of the products the end user is currently assigned to.


Click on any of the current products and you will open the editor, allowing you to add or remove products as you please.

When an end user suggests a feature

When an end user suggests a feature, they will be able to select which product they are requesting the feature for using the drop-down menu which will have now appeared at the bottom of the form.


All of the products which you have assigned the end user to in the "Customer" settings will be available for them to select when it comes to suggesting a feature.

NOTE: If the end user is only assigned to one product, then this option will not appear for them when they suggest a feature.

When a team member suggests a feature

When a team member suggests a feature, they will have the option to select which product their feature request applies to. They can use the drop-down menu towards the bottom of the form to select a product.



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