How Receptive helps with managing feature requests

Hands up if you’re inundated with feature requests from your customers? We have both our hands firmly in the air. In fact, if we had a third that would be up there too.

It’s easy when you start collecting feature requests to bury your heads in the sand and simply carry on developing your product in the way you best see fit.

Unfortunately, your view of the world isn’t your customers’ view. And we’re afraid that you really should be listening to them.

At Receptive, we aim to make managing feature requests easier for everyone. For CEO’s, for product managers, for customer support teams, even for your pet goldfish.

But if you “Just keep swimming,” you’ll end up lost in the ocean, and you’ll have no chance of finding Nemo. (Just to be clear, Nemo is your ideal product…)

Receptive helps you to manage feature requests in a multitude of ways which we’ve handily listed below.

  • Your customers can use Receptive to add their own feature requests as well as vote and prioritize other feature requests, with our elegantly simple interface directly integrated with your product.
  • If you want to gain insights from your internal teams, and we really recommend it, then you can use Receptive to gather feature requests from anyone in your company, from product engineers to sales agents.
  • Viewing feature requests is only the start of the process. Fortunately, Receptive allows you to maintain communication with those who requested the feature, ensuring they are kept in the loop and are aware of new additions to your product.

If we were to explain every benefit of Receptive in tweet form, it would take approximately 5 million tweets (or something silly like that). So to save you from social media hell, we thought we’d let the lovely Receptive users explain on our behalf.

“Prior to finding Receptive, we were using a manual system to tally votes as they came in from customer support and trying to notify customers one by one as features were released. Receptive takes all of this and automates it, gives us way more insight into customer demand and helps us make data-backed decisions.” Portal

“In regards to the customer feedback/feature request portal, Receptive is much more powerful than the other software we've tried. The feature scoring alone will save us a significant amount of time and resources. I find the system very intuitive and the customers I have spoken to agree that it is easy to use on their end as well.” - Pareto

At the risk of having to buy bigger hats for our big heads, it seems pretty obvious to us that we can help you with your feature requests.

Receptive makes managing feature requests as easy as Sunday mornings, in fact, we’re fairly certain that’s what Mr. Ritchie was singing about.

We think this is pretty useful stuff. We hope you do too.


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