How Receptive helps with product management

Product Managers have a lot on their plate, and despite being awesome at what they do, product management teams are often left struggling to pick up the pieces in terms of feature requests and product development. It sucks, we know.

But for a lot of SaaS companies, if you aren’t constantly developing your product then you aren’t growing. And if you aren’t growing, well we’re sorry but that means you’re shrinking.

Here at Receptive, we want to help product managers from exclaiming, “Honey, I shrunk the SaaS!” and instead create a Godzilla of a product that grows and grows until you’ve swallowed up the Earth in a big blog of goo. (Okay, maybe not that far…)

What we’re trying to say is that product management matters. It matters a lot. And Receptive helps you to manage your product.

“How does it possibly do that?” I hear you cry! Well read on, my friend!

  • Unlike outdated systems relying on voting, Receptive allows you to track the ever-changing priorities of your customers, giving you real insights into what will help you grow.
  • Receptive can be used for data-driven decision making, including reports on effort vs value, so that not only do you choose the best features to develop, but you can back it up to the stakeholders with lovely looking graphs and charts.
  • Everyone on your product team will have their own opinion, and Receptive gives you the tools to gather all of these opinions in one place, enabling you to analyze the best fit for you internally as well as externally.

There are far too many benefits of Receptive to list without breaking the world record for the longest novel (around 1.3 million words if you’re wondering) and so we thought we’d let Receptive users explain for us.

“As a fast-growing SaaS business, we can't afford to waste time or money building features that don't add value to our product. Before Receptive our feature backlog was unstructured and disorganized. Now we can see what features are most valuable and work on those.” - GeckoLabs

“We've used all sorts of development product management tools, from custom in-house to Microsoft Project online. Ultimately, they end up requiring more time to manage the tool than we were spending writing code. And, we usually lost the customer priorities somewhere in the process. Receptive lets you follow a lean development model, spend more time focused on developing your solution rather than managing it, and most importantly delivering features your customers want!” - OneBridge Solutions

We promise we didn’t force them to say such lovely things about us, that’s all on them.

Receptive makes product management a walk in the park, complete with sun and ice cream (and who doesn’t like that?).

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