How Receptive helps with your roadmapping

Remember when people used A-Z’s to get from A to B? (they really should’ve been called A-B’s…) Well, your roadmap is a visual representation of how your product will go from A to B.

A SaaS company without a roadmap is like a sailor without a sea chart, and whilst it ended up working pretty well for Columbus, we suspect you’ll find it a lot tougher.

And the last thing we want at Receptive is for you lovely folk to capsize, which is why we’ve developed the perfect roadmapping tool for you.

Unlike a lot of SatNavs, our tool won’t start steering you in the wrong direction. We’re afraid it doesn’t come built in with Stephen Fry’s voice, but we’re working on that. (Okay, we probably aren’t working on that.)

Receptive can help you with your roadmapping, with an abundance of features.

  • With Receptive, your release log and product roadmap will constantly be updating as you change the status of various feature requests, allowing everyone to view your ever-changing roadmap in real time.
  • You can use Receptive to effortlessly share your roadmap with anyone you choose, whether with internal teams, stakeholders, or even your customers. This means you are all on the same page when it comes to product development.
  • Using Receptive ensures that your roadmap is based on data and insights from your customers and teams, making it far more useful to product teams, and ensuring that the decisions you make are the best possible decisions.

In the time it would take us to explain all the benefits of using Receptive for your roadmapping you could watch every episode of Game Of Thrones, and we think most people would prefer that. So to save you time, we’ve got a couple of Receptive users to sing our praises.

“Now that AgoraPulse has a public roadmap, customers who may have considered switching vendors now stick around if they know the features they think are important will be implemented in three or four months time.” - AgoraPulse

“Veeqo quickly moved to revamp their roadmap to include a number quick, easy features that made a lot of customers happy, instead of prioritizing the big, difficult features that some of the loudest customer voices had been requesting.” - Veeqo

We try not to get too big for our boots as that could get massively expensive, and we’d look really quite silly. But it’s clear that our users are benefitting from our roadmapping tools in a big way.

Receptive makes roadmapping easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. So much so that you’ll be left with a lot of lemonade.

We think this is pretty useful stuff. We hope you do too.

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