How Receptive helps with customer feedback

If you aren’t managing your customer feedback, then you’re missing out on a wealth of useful information that could be helping you make your product decisions.

Prior to launching Receptive, we struggled to grasp how we could collect customer feedback in one place, how we could analyze that feedback efficiently, and how we could use that feedback to inform our product roadmap and development.

As it turned out, many other SaaS companies were having the same problem as us. And we bet you’re having this problem too. Why else would you be here?

Luckily for us, and you, and any other company struggling with the wild stallion of customer feedback, we created the perfect solution.

A tool that helps you reign in the stallion and go riding off into the sunset, shouting “Yeehaw” and scaring anyone within earshot.

Here’s how Receptive helps with customer feedback:

  • You can integrate Receptive with your product so your customers can easily submit their feedback, as well as browse and prioritize.
  • Receptive allows you to manage your feedback and segment it into different customer groups, such as free trial vs paying, so that you can see a snapshot of who wants which features.
  • When customers give feedback, they want to know their voice is being heard. Receptive offers you a way to keep them in the loop and allows you to respond to their feedback individually.

The benefits of using receptive to manage your customer feedback are endless, but unfortunately we’re governed by the bounds of time, so we figured we’d let Receptive users do the talking.

“Not having any idea of where a company is heading forces customers out the door, while transparency keeps the right customers in. If a customer is considering leaving, but you have some important features on your roadmap, that may change their mind.” - AgoraPulse

“We’re currently building a large feature that we hadn’t ever planned on building, until we opened up Receptive. Right away all of our customers voted for it and put it in their top three priorities, even though not one customer mentioned this to us on the phone, in face-to-face meetings, through support, or via email. Our only regret is that we didn’t have Receptive sooner - knowing that this feature was important to all of our customers from day one would have saved us so much time!” - Beatroot

Now, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but those notes (see what we did there?) are hard to ignore.

Receptive can help you become a customer feedback titan and help you know what your customers want and why they want it.

We think this is pretty useful stuff. We hope you do too.


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