What is the best product management tool stack?

This depends on so many things! The size of business, type of product, goals etc…are just a few things that will influence the stack. So there isn’t ever a “best” stack as such….just the best one for you at the time.

Ours changes a lot but here are the main things the product team use (for a very wide set of tasks as you can see!)….

SaaS feature request management (Receptive.io) - Product Demand Intelligence (all product management workflow, roadmaps, feature request management, deep product analytics, release notes, effort vs feature value prioritization)

JIRA - Integrated with Receptive & kicks all features into the development team

Siteleaf - A friendly CMS for your static site - CMS for updating product pages/landing pages

Slack: Where work happens - Team & company communication

Google Docs - For all documentation

MixPanel - Product analytics

YouTube - Product videos

Screenflow - Video editing

Buffer - Social Media management

MailChimp - Email marketing (for product marketing emails)

You can read my answer on Quora here.

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