What are the essential software tools for a product manager?

Product Demand Intelligence (PDI)

Our own product - Receptive - to gather prioritized feature requests, feedback, ideas and insights from our customer base, internal teams, and the market.

Receptive gives us deep insights and analytics so we know every single member of our organization is working on projects that drive growth and align with our company strategy.

Product analytics

MixPanel to track user behavior and app usage

Marketing analytics

Google Analytics to see activity on the website


We use MailChimp for product marketing emails

Before you decide what you need, I find it’s really helpful to do the following:

  • Identify the key stakeholders (who else will be using the software? Are the problems they need solving the same as yours?)
  • Understand stakeholder requirements - what are your use cases and pain points?
  • Research and get demos/test the software to ensure it’s a good fit for you and your organization

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