Admin view vs. customer view

There are two different views in Receptive, and as an admin you'll have access to both:

  • Your company's admin view 
  • Receptive's customer view

Your customers will only have access to one view:

  • Your company's customer view

Customer view

Your customers will only have one view, which will be what you see when you go to "Request Receptive Feature" in the drop down menu, but your customers will see your logo and your brand name.

Since you're a customer of Receptive, you'll see our logo when you go to this view.

This view will have a few tabs across the top: Dashboard, Release log, and Roadmaps (optional). 

Here's what the customer dashboard looks like: 

Again, when your customers view your customer dashboard, they see your logo and your company name.

Note: When you submit features and you see our logo, you're submitting ideas / requests to our product team. (Thank you!)

Admin view

The admin view has additional options including Browse, Reports, and a menu item in the top right hand corner with Settings, Customers, Team Members, etc. 

This is what the admin dashboard looks like:

If you see your logo in the top left hand corner, clicking "suggest" in the top navigation will allow you submit a request to your product team.

How to switch between the views

To switch to the customer view from the admin view (or suggest a feature for our product team), click the menu button in the top right hand corner and select "Request Receptive feature".


Now you're a customer in our dashboard.

How to submit requests to Receptive

If you click the menu button in the top-right corner, and then click on "Request Receptive feature", you'll be taken to a page where you can submit a request to us.


You can click on the green button at the top to suggest a feature, or you can use the sliders to prioritize requests. You can also browse other customers' requests.


Any questions? Email or use the form here.




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