Do SaaS solutions release product roadmaps?

Some do, some don’t. Whether you choose to do this or not is entirely up to you.

There’s definitely not a correct or incorrect approach. I work with SaaS companies and for some, opening up their product roadmap has huge benefits and it can help strengthen a businesses’ core values:

“Magnus’ core value is better care: the purpose of their software is to enable schools to better manage their medical data and provide a better standard of care for students.

Being transparent and responsive to their customers is a major component of delivering on their core values. The impact of adopting Receptive into their roadmapping process has been immediate and transformative.”
Magnus Health

“Not having any idea of where a company is heading forces customers out the door, while transparency keeps the right customers in. If a customer is considering leaving, but you have some important features on your roadmap, that may change their mind.”
Emeric Ernoult, CEO, Agorapulse

For others, they love having a roadmap that they can share internally, but they want to keep it out of view of the customer base. There are many, good reasons for this.

We choose to share our product roadmap publicly but we ensure that it’s at the right level for the audience. We have much more detailed roadmaps for internal product development. The customer view simply shows features that are “In Development” and what we have “Planned”. This is more than enough detail and gives our customers and prospects confidence in how we are building our product.

I was recently involved in research about how SaaS companies build & use product roadmaps. It’s completely free to download here (we don’t even need an email address):
Product Roadmaps - a Product Team's Friend or Foe?

Here’s a graphic from our research showing how many respondents share a product roadmap with people outside of their company:

Hope this helps you out! In summary, the decisions should be based on what works for you and your business, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing!

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