What are some things I should consider when choosing a roadmapping tool?

What sort of company do you work for and what scale are you at?

The software you need will very much depend on the answer to those questions and you’ll find that the best software for you might change over time too.

For example, in smaller companies a simple Trello board, spreadsheet or roadmapping tool does the trick but at scale with multiple products and teams, it simply doesn’t work so that’s where solutions like Receptive can be a huge help - they allow for multiple roadmaps depending on the audience and the whole thing is automated so product managers aren’t wasting time manually creating & maintaining roadmaps.

There’s a good webinar with real examples here you might like: Webinar: Roadmap your way to success in 2017

And here’s some latest research on how software companies build & use roadmaps: Product Roadmaps - a Product Team's Friend or Foe?

Top roadmap (regardless of tool or size of your business is here.

You can read my answer on Quora here.

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