Introducing your team members to Receptive [template]

The following template will help you to introduce Receptive to your team members and get started with your feedback collection.

Please feel free to edit this example and make it suitable for you, or use it for inspiration when it comes to your own announcement and introduction.

At the end of the intro email, you should link to the guidelines that you've created. If you haven't yet created your guidelines, then you can find a template here.

A New Way of Handling Feedback

At [YOUR COMPANY] we take feedback very seriously. We realize the importance of harnessing ideas both externally (our customers) and internally (you and your team).

As a result, we'll be using Receptive. It's software that enables us to easily collect and manage feedback directly from our customers, our prospects, and our employees. And that's where you come in.

We value your ideas and we know that a lot of you are itching to tell us how we can improve our product. Now you have the chance.

You can use Receptive to submit your own ideas, view and vote on other people's ideas, and have a say in how we choose to develop our product. This improves transparency, saves a lot of time and effort, and ultimately will lead to a better product in future.

We've created a set of guidelines which will help you learn more about how to submit feedback, the kind of thing we're looking for, and how you can get started right away.

View our guidelines here: [LINK TO YOUR GUIDELINES].

Or view instructions on using Receptive here: 

We look forward to seeing your ideas!



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