Zapier example setup: Slack

Why is this important?
If you use Slack to communicate any product developments with your teams, then you can set up Zapier to automatically send a message in Slack whenever a request is submitted, allowing you to be instantly notified.

In this walkthrough, we'll teach you how to connect Receptive to Slack, allowing you to notify yourself and others whenever a new request is submitted.

This method utilises Receptive's Zapier integration. Zapier allows you to connect Receptive to 500+ apps, with no code or developer time required.

How to connect Receptive to Slack

Firstly you’ll need to get an invitation to Receptive’s Zapier app and create a Receptive API key in your Integrate page.

Log into your Zapier account (free tier will work) and click on “Make a Zap”.


Choose Receptive as a trigger app.


Choose a trigger action. In this example we'll fire the zap whenever a request has been created.


Choose the correct Receptive account, and then click on "Test" to make sure it's working. You should then see a green "Success" box.


If you test the step (which we recommend doing) then Zapier will ask you to create a request and wait to receive the event. This should happen within a few moments.

Next, you need to choose Slack as the action app.


For this example, we'll then choose the option labelled: "Send Channel Message". This will post a message to a Slack channel of your choice whenever a new request is submitted.


You should now select the correct Slack account (you may need to sign in at this stage) and feel free to test the connection, again awaiting a green "Success" box.

You then need to set up what your Slack message will look like, by working your way through the form and filling in the relevant details where necessary.

Finally, you can choose to test the zap. Again, we recommend doing this to ensure there won't be any missed requests in future.

If successful, you can name the zap, and choose whether you want it switched on or off.

And that's it!

Once you've switched the zap on, you'll receive a Slack message every time a request is submitted.


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