Introducing your customers to Receptive [template]

The following template will help you to introduce Receptive to your customers and get started with your feedback collection.

Please feel free to edit this example and make it suitable for you, or use it for inspiration when it comes to your own announcement and introduction.

How We Handle Feedback & Feature Requests

We're always looking to improve our product and the best way for us to do that is to take your feedback on board. 

With that in mind, we'd like to introduce you to Receptive, a new way of collecting and connecting your ideas and feedback directly to our Product Team. Receptive is built into our app and you can start using it today.

The Benefits of Receptive

Rather than having your great ideas lost in the swirling black hole, never to be seen again, Receptive ensures that your voice is heard.

You can now have a direct and visible impact on where our product is heading and the features which we implement.

You'll be able to understand our decision-making process, and receive feedback on your ideas from our Product Team.

In short, you'll be intrinsically linked to the development of our product. And that means a better product for everyone.

How to Use Receptive

To submit your feedback, simply follow the instructions below.

Start off by logging in to our app. Once inside, head over to the right-hand navigation and you'll see a button labelled "Submit Feedback".

Click on that button to be taken to the Receptive dashboard.

Information on how to suggest an idea can be found in this article.

The Feedback Process

All new feedback is reviewed weekly to ensure it's not already an existing feature or something that we can help you with straight away. Then it will be moved to "Awaiting Feedback" status to gauge demand from our other users and team members. 

On the 3rd Friday of each month, our product team and stakeholders will review the top 10% of customer requests and respond to them personally.

In order to get your requests into these meetings, make sure they are clearly written (in English), with details about what you’re trying to accomplish, your current workaround (if you have one), what problems you’re having, and any other details that will help build a case for why this is an important request to you.

Once the feedback has been reviewed, the status of it will change accordingly and you'll be made aware of any status changes and progress. 


When you submit feedback or vote on other people's ideas, you'll automatically start to receive notifications about the features you've expressed an interest in. These will come from

You'll be notified when:

  • Your request is initially reviewed.
  • Items you vote on are reviewed, updated, or released.
  • Comments are added to requests that you've submitted or voted on.

If you don't want to receive notifications, then click on the "Manage Email Preferences" link in the footer of any emails you receive from Receptive.


The status of each request will change over time. The table below explains what each status means.

Awaiting Feedback

This is where your request will go while we gauge demand from other customers.


This request is on our roadmap but we haven't started building it yet.


This request is currently under development.


This request has been built. Please see the status message on how to use it.


This request wasn't clear, already exists, or isn't aligned with our goals and strategy. Please check the status message for more information.


Next Steps

Your account with us has already been connected to Receptive so everything is set up and ready to go.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch and ask away.

We look forward to seeing your feedback!





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