Salesforce integration overview

Grow faster with Receptive's insights into feature demand from your customers and prospects 

Our Salesforce integration allows your sales team to create and manage customer and prospect requests from inside Salesforce:

In Receptive, you can easily report on Salesforce contact requests and follow up with prospects as their requests are updated and released. 

Why is this important?

Understand market demand to drive growth

  • Sales team can easily capture market demand from your prospects in Salesforce
  • Know the priority of feature requests from your prospects
  • Understand how prospect demand compares to customer & internal team requests to aid data-driven product decisions

Increase efficiency between your sales & product teams

  • Sales team link contacts to new & existing feature requests inside Salesforce
  • Vital feature demand data is fed directly from sales into product
  • Prospects can be automatically notified as features change status which aids the sales process

Seamless communication

  • Salesforce contacts & sales team are automatically notifed as features are updated by the product team
  • Save hours of manual labor in your sales & product teams - Receptive automates communication
  • Feel confident knowing your Release Log & Product Roadmap are always up-to-date; transparency attracts the right prospects and keeps your sales team in the loop

The Salesforce integration takes minutes to set-up.

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