Roadmap examples & use cases

Read our product roadmaps overview here first, if you haven't yet. 

Our roadmaps are very flexible which means you may need some inspiration to decide how to set it up. We recommend watching our webinar on roadmapping to help you decide what the purpose of your roadmaps is and who they're for.

Here are some ideas to get you started...

Theme-based roadmap for leadership and sales

Know what is expected when you are reporting roadmap to the leadership team. This one is simple and shows broad themes of work you'll deliver in the coming quarters.


Sales team also use this roadmap (in addition to the "what's coming" view). This cuts down on a lot of the “Where are we going?” conversations with the product team and helps them get prospects excited about where we are heading.

Add high level projects to Receptive

If you're looking to share higher level projects under each theme in your roadmap to share publicly, with customers, or just internal teams, you can add higher level items to Receptive and move them to "building" or "planned".  

Then just add those themes to the roadmap, broken out by quarter or "short term" & "long term" buckets, etc:

"Developing only" theme-based roadmap

If you want a quick view of your items currently developing, but broken out by theme, team, or strategic initiative you can move everything that's currently "building" to the roadmap: 


This version is very easy to keep updated and provides a quick look at what you're building.

Quick tips

  • Watch our webinar on roadmapping and use the resources to determine what kind of roadmaps you're going to need and what you want to include
  • Keep it simple and high level: don't commit to specific completion dates, don't use the vertical dividers for weekly or even monthly timelines. Stick to quarters or "buckets" of near, mid, & long term.
  • We have a TON of roadmap updates coming soon, so check our roadmap here to see what's coming up next!



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